Is a fast forward sequel the way to fix Friday the 13th?


We seem to have gone beyond the age of the remake in Hollywood with the new trend to resurrect franchises with a sequel that erases previous timelines created by lacklustre sequels and re-imaginings.

The Halloween franchise has already bought into this idea with this year’s sequel getting rid of any story after the 1978 original.

Now we know that Friday the 13th is currently involved in a legal battle between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham, which has so far put pay to further updates to the Friday the 13th game.

Once this issue is resolved, it does seem highly logical that Jason could go down a similiar route which could give us a fresh timeline to explore and some brand new ideas (winter Friday the 13th anyone?).

We also would be able to get rid of the convoluted timeline created by the previous films and also effectively re-write Jason’s story.

How about a fast forward story involving a traumatised Alice going back to Crystal Lake to hunt down Jason and have a similiar motif to this year’s Halloween sequel?

The 2009 remake did touch on some new ground with their Jason very much an urban legend and quite clever and resourceful, plus Derek Mears made the character genuinely scary again (running Jason all the way).

If Halloween proves a financial success for Blumhouse I think that the legal battle for Friday the 13th could be settled quite quickly and a certain Springwood Slasher could also return to the big screen in due course.

Please let us know yout thoughts in the comments below.

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