Julian Kostov talks ‘Leatherface’ role

Julian Kostov

Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel ‘Leatherface’ is now available on Netflix. We got the chance to quiz star Julian Kostov all about the return to the screen of one of horror’s most iconic villains.

What can you tell us about your character Ted?

That was the first thing our directors, Alex and Julien, told me when I came on set was that Ted Hardesty is the father of Sally Hardesty and Franklin Hardesty, who became victims of Leatherface and his deranged family in the original film ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ (1974) by Tobe Hooper.

Ted is Betty Hartman’s high school sweetheart. I was very excited to play a character whose story was important to the canon of the franchise and I was fascinated by the irony of Ted’s fate, in this film and beyond it.

What was the audition process like for Leatherface?

I was in Nu Boyana Film Studios in Bulgaria, shooting another film when I was called in to audition for Ted. A few days later I was called in for another part that eventually went to Finn Jones.

What was the atmosphere like on set given the dark subject matter?

When you are acting in a horror you really have to commit to the circumstances and do it over and over again. It’s emotionally and physically draining and that’s why the rest of the time there is a lot of goofing around and fun on set. You need it to help release all that darkness. That was the case on set Leatherface too.

How much did you know about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series before getting the role?

Quite a bit. The one from 2003 was probably the first horror film I ever watched and it had an effect on me.

Years later I watched the masterful original film because I had read that Tobe Hooper’s idea to market it as a true story, when it was an entirely fictional plot, was a way of criticizing the government for lying to its people and the media for manipulatively normalizing the perception of the brutalities happening around the world.

How is Leatherface different than its predecessors?

From the script, I’d say it’s character driven film, gruesome and scary. For the few days I was filming I also had the pleasure of watching the main cast act and they gave really intense, creepy and disturbing performances. I am very excited for the viewers.

Leatherface is now available on Netflix.

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