Director talks ‘Halloween Returns’ short film

Halloween Returns.jpg

On the original classic’s 40th anniversary we’re getting another fan film to whet our appetites for the Shape’s return to the big screen on 19th October.

‘Halloween Returns’ is a short film set in an alternate universe following the 1978 film, we got the chance to chat to Director Tyler Jackson Horner all about it.

Tell us about where the idea came from for Halloween Returns?

A few months back after hearing the news about the new Halloween movie coming out I got very excited. As I am sure every other horror/Halloween fan did haha. Ever since I began filmmaking I knew I wanted to do a Halloween short film or something like that and so after the announcement of the new movie I figured now would be a great time to do it.

The Idea for my movie came from being curious about what happened to Tommy Doyle and Lindsay Wallace. Were they affected by the attack, are they still hurting, moving on? We never really hear much about them except for in H4 (Lindsay) and (Tommy) in H6. With that being said I thought it would be interesting to pick up 13 or so years later when they both are in their early 20’s and doing their own thing in Haddonfield.

Your film very much fills in some of the blanks from Halloween it seems, was that always the intention?

In some ways yes. My film takes place 13 years later after the first Halloween film. I thought It would be nice to show/answer some questions that people may have had about where Myers may have received some things or how some events would have played out.

Was it hard for you to try to catch the flavour of 1978 in the film?

Honestly from being a huge Halloween fan and seeing many documentaries and interviews I have learned that the original Halloween was a perfect storm of events and can never really be recreated(not saying it can not be done at all).

With that being said I think the best answer I can give you for now is I think keeping things simple is good. I think we have done a good job at catching some of it but I’ll leave that up to the fans to decide.

What sort of Michael Myers can we expect from Halloween Returns?

The actor that is playing Myers in my film is a good friend of mine. Actually he is about the exact height and weight that Nick Castle was in 1978 so it works out nice. We are trying to stick with the original feel and movement of The Shape but we also want to make him a bit more aggressive in our film.

The trailer also seems to riff on Halloween (2018) too, was this scene added after the trailer was released?

There are some hints and nods at some of the other Halloween movies throughout ours as well as inspiration from the new Halloween movie and Halloween Returns script (our title has no relation to theirs) written by by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan that was never released.

I really enjoyed that script and my hope is that anyone that has read it will hopefully be happy with a little nod we added from that script.

Is your film all original characters besides The Shape?

Our film has 3 character from the original coming back but other than that yes.

I take it you are a big Halloween fan?

Oh yes…a very big fan. That is why I knew at some point I wanted to make a Halloween fan film. I have always thought that short films by the FANS are sometimes the best because they know the characters and stories so well.

What do you think makes Michael Myers so scary?

Personally to me I think that the idea of someone we don’t know whether or not he is human or supernatural is scary. Myers is like a blank slate and has no emotion he is just pure evil and no matter what you do he is always there.

When is Halloween Returns scheduled for release?

We are shooting for an October release. Currently our film does not have an exact release date because we wanted to add some more things in the script to help the story move along better.

We are hoping that if people really enjoy this film that they will want more. If that is the case we have something in store for another Halloween short film that I think they will be very excited for.



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