Director talks ‘Pool Party Massacre’

Drew Marvick

Throwback slasher Pool Party Massacre is out on DVD this week and we got the chance to quiz Director Drew Marvick about the film.

What films inspired you to make Pool Party Massacre?
Well Pool Party Massacre is definitely a little Love Letter to my favorite 80s slashers like Slumber Party Massacre, Sleepaway Camp, April Fools Day and more. But it was really seeing all the cool no budget horror films getting made by people like Ron Bonk, Richard Mogg, Dustin Ferguson, Sean Donahue, Jacob Ennis and so many other indie film makers that motivated me to pull the trigger.
How did you come up with some of the kills in the film?
Most of the kills just kind of happened organically during the script writing process. (although I knew from the beginning that I wanted a drill kill to honor Slumber Party Massacre) Once I added the element of having the “Tool Board” being the source of all the murder weapons,I just started making a list of everything you might find in a garage and worked from there.
A couple of the kills were written in other ways but had to change due to budgetary constraints. For instance, the shower kill originally involved a hedge trimmer and a bisected body.
Was it always your intention to play the film very tongue in cheek?
I have a soft spot for campy horror, and I felt from the beginning that this film needed to reflect that.
I didn’t want to venture into spoof territory, but I definitely wanted it to be heavy on the comedy. Besides, I don’t think I could make something serious, it’s just not in my DNA.
The house you film in is pretty amazing, how did you secure this location and then coat it in blood?
That house was actually part of the inspiration for the film from the beginning, and I was pretty sure I would be able to film in it since my parents live there. Luckily, they didn’t exactly know what they were getting themselves into, so they agreed.
But since I still wanted to be invited over for Thanksgiving dinner (and to potentially shoot a sequel) I made sure I didn’t make any mess that I couldn’t clean up. So for the bloodier kills that required us to make a mess, we actually cheated rooms in my own house for their house.
For instance, the master bedroom scene with the big reveal is actually shot in my bedroom. My wife is amazing and let me coat our entire room in blood. I am pretty sure she instantly regretted it, but she hid it pretty well.
What is your next project?
I have a couple things in the works, including a sequel to Pool Party which will hopefully get shot in the fall. There is also a Christmas themed horror anthology I am putting together, several shorts, and of course getting killed in as many other peoples movies as I can.
How much fun was the character of Blair to write?
Writing Blair was super fun, but it was also stressful. I have met plenty of people like her and her friends her in Vegas, so I had a lot of personal experience to pull from. But I still don’t have much in common with hot young socialites so I had to keep stepping back and trying to make sure it didn’t feel too exaggerated or forced.
(I was totally fine with a moderate amount of exaggeration and force) And through it all, I think Blair has most of my favorite lines. (it’s a tough call between Blair and Clay)
Is there scope for a spinoff to Pool Party Massacre?

The idea of a spin off had never crossed my mind until recently, while writing the sequel. And even then it was really just because of how restricting a title like “Pool Party Massacre” is. I think if part 2 is received well, I might expand on the idea of taking the killer in a new direction, away from the pool. But first I have to make the movie, and cross my fingers that more than one person likes it. 

Watch our review of Pool Party Massacre below –

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