Tales from the Campfire review

Tales from the Campfire

Tim Bell’s Tales from the Campfire is an interesting take on the horror anthology.

What could have come across quite tame and almost Are You Afraid of the Dark-esque, is an interesting and original take on the anthology format.

From the outset it is clear that this film isn’t going to rely on the budget but the way all of the tales mesh together makes it a compelling watch as you try to stitch the plot together and wonder where it will go next.

Whilst Tales from the Campfire does recall some films it’s very much its own thing and then when the finale arrives everything hits the fan, much to our delight. It also has an excellent score will helps to add tension in some scenes in the tales.

We have zombies, the occult and much more; this is one indie horror worth checking out.

Watch the trailer for Tales from the Campfire below –


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