Director talks ‘Irrational Fear’

Irrational Fear

Ahead of it’s midwest US premiere at Days of the Dead, we caught up with ‘Irrational Fear’ Director & Co-Writer Hunter Johnson, to tell us more about Slasher Studios’ latest independent production.

Tell us about how you and Kevin Sommerfield came up with the idea of Irrational Fear?
Kevin and I had discussed collaborating for a while, and when we finally got on the phone he pitched me his idea for Irrational Fear.  I absolutely loved it, because characters having unique fearsopened the imagination to lots of freaky possibilities.
I also loved that the story was about people who were trying to better themselves, to overcome their fears to improve their lives for their own reasons.  It was fun to develop these characters, they each come from such different walks of life.
We wrote a treatment and passed the script back and forth for a couple of months until it was where we wanted it.  It was a great process and I loved writing with Kevin.
How does this differ from your previous work?
This film is different than lots of my work, mostly in the sense that it flirts with a lot of different horror genres.   While this film is about a group of people in the woods like lots of other slasher films, we definitely put our own spin on it.
It’s a film that is full of very different characters, which was a lot of fun to watch develop.  We also had a longer shooting schedule than I’m used to which was really great, and I definitely think it’s the freakiest of all the things I’ve done.
What has the transition been like for you from actor to director?
-I love both acting and directing and continue to learn a lot as I hop back and forth.  I definitely come from an acting background, but making movies is something I’ve done in one way or another most of my life.
I didn’t want to write a role for myself in this film because the story we were trying to tell was so intense that I didn’t want to get distracted hopping back and forth.  Our cast and crew were so amazing to work with on this film, they made my job very easy.
Tell us your irrational fear?
I’m honestly terrified of ghosts, which is one of the fears of our characters in the film.  Though, I don’t necessarily say that’s irrational since they’re totally real and probably standing next to me right now…
Watch the trailer for Irrational Fear below –

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