Dark Ditties Episode 2: Mrs Wiltshire review

Dark Ditties ep2

It was hard to know what to expect going into the second episode of the Dark Ditties series.

After watching a screening of the hilarious and bonkers opener The Offer at last year’s Dead of Night Film Festival, Directors Neil Morris and Gary Smart go in a completely different direction with episode.

Whereas The Offer was slightly goofy, Mrs Wiltshire is the tale of an elderly woman who is trapped in her home by the vengeful spirit of her husband.

I found a likeness to the Conjuring 2, minus the crazy evil nun of course; but Mrs Wiltshire is an onion of a tale that unravels and only gets darker and darker.

It was quite refreshing to see the filmmakers go to these dark places to tell this story as there is always a resistance against going full tilt with a haunting story; and trust me this is haunting.

Mrs. Wiltshire herself comes across as a slightly crazy recluse at first, but by the finale you will see her in a total different light; and for that matter her family.

It’s an interesting dynamic played out as her evil husband very plays the devil on her shoulder to her son Tony’s angel. Both have given her the choice of how she wants to carry on, but let’s say they go about it in different ways.

You won’t laugh like you did for The Offer, but Mrs Wiltshire is supremely dark and utterly compelling, this series could prove to be something quite special.

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