Nightmares Unleashed review

Nightmares Unleashed

Who said it’s bad to watch too many horror films?

This is part of the premise of indie horror short Nightmares Unleashed, as a teenage girl is sucked into a waking nightmare with monsters aplenty to deal with.

Running just over 15 minutes, you cannot fault the filmmakers for the amount of villains they wanted to squeeze into this film. We have vampires, witches, zombies and a very creepy jester.

The story is quite original and plays on the motif of being put in the deadly situations of our favourite films, how would we react?

Where Nightmares Unleashed could have been improved is in the tension stakes, during chase scenes there is a distinct lack of urgency, so you never really feel like the teenage girl is in the real peril.

There are also a few quick jump cuts which jar scenes slightly but nitpicking aside Nightmares Unleashed is a decent effort at creating some original with a good roster of monsters to back it up.

Look out for this one at the film festival circuit across the next 12 months.

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