Fractured Visions Film Festival open for submissions


The first ever horror film festival Fractured Visions is now open for submissions.

If you’ve created a gut-crunching feature, a throat-ripping short or an eye-opening documentary that will set the horror world on fire – Fractured Visions want to see it.

The festival will be taking place at the Tramshed Cinema in Cardiff, Wales, where everyone will be welcome to kick back, grab a beer and enjoy the films in luxury, thanks to the Tramshed’s beautiful seating.

Co-Festival Director Phil Escott commented,

“The main goal of the festival is to help filmmakers avoid the sharks that are circling the UK film industry. Having been through it myself and having experienced both the good and the bad that the industry offers new filmmakers, we’re trying to help as many as we can to avoid the pitfalls that await many newcomers to the industry – especially within the horror genre.

“We also want to bring the best of the genre to the big screen for fans to experience films that would otherwise be destined for DVD shelves or VOD release because they have not been backed by a studio.”

Previous guests include Andrew Leavold (The Search for Weng Weng), Ed Evers-Swindell (Dark Signal), Chris Crow (Panic Button), Greg Sestero (The Room) and the cast and crew of Canaries.
Submit your films to Fractured Visions Film Festival HERE
The late film deadline will be 31st July 2018.

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