Friday the 13th: Puzzle Game a must for Jason fans

F13 killer puzzle

From the makers of Slayaway Camp, Jason is back and badder than ever in his own Killer Puzzle game which rivals its predecessor on the fun count.

There are some similiarities to ‘Camp’ but Killer Puzzle is very much its own thing with levels such as winter Crystal Lake and a Prison Block, which will challenge players as they try to take down campers and prisoners alike.

As Jason you are guided by Mrs. Voorhees, who also offers tips in exchange for watching short adverts (keeping the baxckers happy no doubt).

Each level provides a different skin for Jason too and options to upgrade you kill accessory, which are gained based on how many kills you complete, with landmarks rewarded.

And the best part about the game….it’s free!

So download your version on iOS, Android or Steam HERE

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