Hex Studios announces horror YouTube series


Hex Studios, the Scottish outfit behind genre features Lord of tears, The Unkindness of Ravens and The Black Gloves have premiered a new show shining a spotlight on the work of up and coming genre talents.
‘Hex Presents’, currently available to watch on YouTube sees Hex Studios’ Lawrie Brewster introduce a series of horror feature films from rising talents in the genre.
First up is festival favourite, Egomaniac from director Kate Shenton. which tells the harrowing and hilarious tale of one young female director’s efforts to get her indie feature made.
The refreshingly honest horror comedy was a huge hit on the festival circuit, gaining Kate an avid following and bringing her talents to the attention of Hex Studios, who picked up the title for distribution earlier this year.
Lawrie Brewster commented,
 “We’ve put a lot of time and energy into building our YouTube channel, which now has more than 128k subscribers, and we want to use this growing platform to showcase the work of other indie filmmakers, who often struggle to have their work seen and appreciated.
“Fans get the chance to see films they might not otherwise see outside of the festival circuit, and filmmakers get their work out there in front of an eager and receptive audience.
“Also, I think the introductions I do for each film, which are part of the show’s format, help to give it a more direct, personal touch. Establishing a connection with the fans is so important to us.”
Watch the first episode Egomaniac below –

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