‘Beyond the Gates’ duo explore ‘The Day after Halloween’

Jackson Stewart

The writer/director team behind retro gaming horror Beyond the Gates are working on a brand new project exploring the final girl in a whole new way.

‘The Day After Halloween’ will be Directed by Jackson Stewart, who co-wrote with Stephen Scarlata, who also worked on Beyond the Gates.

‘The Day after….’ follows Alice who survives a massacre on Halloween night, only to be hounded by the media the following day. Things take a turn for the sinister when someone starts killing everyone who wronged her.

Jackson told ShockWaves podcast,

“It’s basically what happens to the ‘final girl’ after the end of a slasher movie.”

He also revealed that the sequel to Beyond the Gates could potentially go down the RPG route.

Although the life of a final girl was explored in the superb Last Girl Standing just a few years ago, ‘The Day after Halloween’ certainly sounds promising.

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