My Best Friend’s Exorcism review

my best friends exorcism

As horror fans we have become accustomed to nostalgia, with the heady heights of Myers, Krueger and Voorhees firmly rooted in the 80’s.

This is very much where Grady Hendrix’s novel about a teenage girl who becomes possessed thrives.

MBFE is as much about evil taking hold of an innocent soul as it is about the friendship of four teenager girls. You can almost imagine them strolling down the same corridors as Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club.

Whereas some novel start fast, sag in the middle before ramping up for the finale, MBFE takes its times to build the story up before really going for it.

Hendrix also mixes things up with adverts, newspaper clippings and other 80’s flavoured texts to transport the reader fully into this world.

The heart of the piece is the possessed Gretchen and Abby, with tropes from classics such as The Exorcist this is very much an original tale with tinges of nostalgia and plenty of originality.

One of the finest horror novels of 2017.


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