The Void review

void poster

By Andy Wheeler

Big Hollywood budgets mean nothing.

I saw a horror film that was made on an absolute shoestring and had more heart, guts and ideas than many of its modern big budget counterparts put together.

The Void, directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Stephen Kostanski is definitely a throwback to the 80’s style of filmmaking. Low on budget but big on substance with gore a plenty. The Void was designed and built that way as a dedicated nod to the classics that’s gone before it.

The Void’s influences come from a veritable banquet of true horror classics including The Thing, Prince of Darkness, Hellraiser and anything written by H P Lovecraft but the story is all from the minds of Gillespie and Kostanski, who between them and the amazing production team take you on a journey into the depths of some kind of Hell.

The synopsis is a simple one. A cop played wonderfully by Aaron Poole finds a blood soaked man, again well played by Evan Stern, crawling along a deserted road. He takes him to an understaffed hospital for treatment. While there, the hospital becomes surrounded by mysterious cloaked cult-like figures and very soon things start going very bad for both patients and staff as the whole set up quickly descends into a bloody battle for survival against unspeakable otherworldly horrors.

I can’t give the FX team enough praise. What they did here with so little funds is truly mind blowing. Every horror gag and creature was created and shot practically in camera. With so much CGI imagery in today’s films It’s really great to see a production crew going back to basics and delivering the fear in spectacular fashion.

With low budget movies I usually notice some poor acting but this was definitely not the case with the Void. Everyone was on point and it’s the quality of the actors combined with superb FX that propels this film into another realm. I loved it and I think in time it’s going to be held in the same esteem as John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The Void is a delicious addition to the body horror movie list. It’s eerie, gory and full of little nods to the classics.

If you’re a fan of Carpenter, Barker and Lovecraft, you’re in for a treat. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride into The Void!

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