Patient Seven review


By Janie Edgens

Patient Seven” captures the best of the horror genres and releases them into a perfectly executed anthology.

Set in a psycho ward, Spring Valley Mental Institution, your visit begins with a walk through the hallway, and a peek into a couple of rooms.  There’s patients walking around in the common room, lost and unfocused, random coughing, silent stares, and bad hair.

Of course, careless orderlies are playing cards in another room not paying attention, but this is where all commonality ends.

Dr. Daniel Marcus (but don’t call him Daniel, unless you are a good friend) is doing research on another book he is writing and needs to observe the patients.  Consulting with ward’s head, Dr. Vincent, Marcus discusses his visit for the final time before his observations/experiments.

As soon as Dr. Vincent leaves and the sessions begin, something sinister unfolds with the way Dr. Marcus is conducting the interviews.  He ignores the orderlies’ warnings of restraint, demands the patients not be sedated (given their usual sedation), and is downright mean and insulting.

His whole experiment is to prove whether or not patients lie to avoid “real”  life or confessions to what they have done to avoid going to jail or being executed.

Marcus goes through each patient’s tale of how they were admitted to the ward, as told from an outsider’s view.  Each is a different story (very well done and intense with twists of their own) of how it’s the fault of ghosts, zombies, boogie wo(men), and vampires, that made them “go crazy” and commit the crime of murder.

Dr. Marcus is not buying any of the stories and tells them so. He knows their darkest fears and threatens each with the very thing that sent them over the edge. They leave the interrogation office screaming, crying, yelling, or going through a number of emotions.

The orderlies are suspicious, but say nothing as six patients are called in by Marcus and file out in a heightened state.

So, what about “Patient Seven”? You had a feeling that Marcus would get his? Get ready! What happens next will wow, shock, and make you think.

Patient Seven” may be right in front of you!

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