Poor Agnes review

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How do you become a God? ‘Poor Agnes’ takes the serial killer genre to the brightest dark corners of the mind.

There is a strange juxtaposition between cold calculated sadism and romantic comedy throughout the film just below the surface. This might draw me to look inward, but the evidence is there for my case as we follow Agnes.

From the very beginning we are in media res; Agnes wakes up in a very large cabin-style home and begins to get ready. Perhaps she works from home? Maybe she’s a mother and homemaker? A final scene of her morning reveals something much darker indeed and you might begin to suspect this isn’t her house at all.

It all becomes clearer as Agnes invites in an investigator, Mike (Alan, No one) to answer some questions. This sets us up the most bizarre meet-cute on screen to date. Agnes, unflinching, uninterested begins the process of becoming God, at least for Mike.

Lora Burke’s Agnes and Robert Notman’s Mike play off of each other musically, the transition from foes to God, Follower and more goes seamlessly undetected. Agnes calculates the best way to do this and from there the story winds around several different points to culminate in its mystifying, gallows-hopeful end.

‘Poor Agnes’ explores the mind of a woman so driven and direct she comes off as a powerful machine with fleeting emotional capabilities to her credit. Agnes, god-in-transition, utilizes sex, food and pain in equal efficient measure to achieve her next plateau up the mountain, and finally to ascension.

If you find yourself in the mood for something extremely refreshing and original, peppered with enough of the familiar trappings of certain serial killer films, please for the love of Agnes, watch ‘Poor Agnes’ as soon as you can.

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