Tragedy Girls review


Self aware horror is a rare gem when it’s done right.

Earlier this year Jordan Peele challenged the race issue with the superb Get Out and now Tyler McIntyre has tackled the monster that is social media fame.

We follow the exploits of high schoolers McKayla and Sadie who basically want to be famous for being famous, but how far will they go to get their fame?

With winks to films such as Scream and Mean Girls, this is an eclectic mix of gore, slashers and the darkest of comedies.

It can be summed up in one sequence as the girls off one key character and in the next scene are wearing #Remember***** t-shirts, it’s so ironic it’s shameful and that’s really the point here.

McIntyre wants to show this as raw as possible but at the heart of the story is the friendship of these two girls, albeit two psychopath girls. It’s the peak behind the curtain that we don’t usually get with horror and an inversion on the usual tropes which makes Tragedy Girls a refreshing and original watch.

It has gore, laughs and story worth tweeting about; let’s hear it for the Tragedy Girls #blessed.

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