To Hell and Back – The Kane Hodder story review

Kane Hodder

It’s fair to say that most avid horror fans know a bit about the remarkable life of Kane Hodder.

Known by people all over the world as THE definitive Jason Voorhees and now as much as the deadly Victor Crowley from the Hatchet series.

Although Hodder released a book ‘Unmasked’ many years ago, it’s fair to say ‘To Hell and Back’ goes much deeper into his life outside of stunt work and horror movies.

I won’t kid you, there are parts of this documentary that will make you smile, wince and cry, as you find out first hand the trials and tribulations of Kane’s life following a stunt gone wrong which left him horrifically burnt and scarred not just physically but mentally.

It’s quite refreshing to see Kane talk openly about debacle of his non-casting in Freddy vs Jason as well as the career he has now carved out in the genre outside of donning the famous hockey mask.

We also hear from some of Hodder’s peers such as Robert Englund, Felissa Rose, Bruce Campbell and Danielle Harris.

Documentaries sometimes fall into the trap of being overtly sincere, but with Kane it does seem genuine and a forgive anyone of shedding a tear as he meets the doctor who saved his life.

‘To Hell and Back’ is a rollercoaster of amazing, emotional and gut wrenching stories that is an absolute essential watch for any horror fan.


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