Leatherface review


There’s always going to be the argument when a prequel is announced for a classic such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; that it’s not necessary.

In fairness we’ve been here before in 2003 when the remake was released and was quite warmly received without ever challenging it’s original as a classic.

From the ending of that film, it’s seems like Hollywood has wanted to put Leatherface back on the screen but didn’t know how.

A prequel to the remake followed and then the loose sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw in 2013.

So here we are, another prequel but this time to the original Chainsaw as we now have another version of how he donned the famous skin mask.

And is it worth it? Well not really.

Leatherface has all the potential to be an honourable entry into the franchise but it’s quite simply dull.

There’s nothing to distinguish this from any other two bit horror film out there. It doesn’t nail the colours to its mast, and comes across as road movie more than a horror film.

There is some gore for the blood hounds, but the film’s premise revolves around finding out the identity of the would-be Leatherface, which to be fair doesn’t take much figuring out.

The finale is a rush job as the seem to realise that by the closing credits we need a fully formed monster ready to go, which makes the ending choppy and not in the fun way.

This is one ride to Texas I would happily skip.

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