Mindhunter Season 1 review


Although Mindhunter came along on a hype train, it certainly lived up to it and then some.

Netflix had already renewed the series for a second run without an episode being released which showed a confidence in the writing and the performances.

This feels what True Detective season 2 probably should have been instead of the mess we got.

At the heart of the show are two stunning performances by Holt McCallany and Jonathan Groff who shine as the FBI Behavioural Science duo looking to get into the minds of convicted serial killers – with the hope of using the research to prevent future killers.

The difference here is that it is set in a post Charles Manson world, where Son of Sam really happened and America and the world is waking up to the reality of the monsters in the world.

As the show develops so do the characters as Groff’s Holden grows from ambitious junior to established profiler, but what does he sacrify to get to that point.

McCallany’s Tench is also his finest performance since the prematurely cancelled Lights Out, showcasing the moral centre of the story with hints to skeletons in his closet.

The story and our characters are also left in a precarious place as the credits roll on Episode 10, but this only whets the appetite for what is to come in Season 2.

Mindhunter is easily one of the best new shows of 2017 and one of Netflix’s finest exports to date.


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