Better Watch Out review

Better Watch Out film.jpg

It seems almost a yearly tradition now to find a new Christmas horror film to add the essential watches in the season of goodwill.

Enter Chris Peckover’s Better Watch Out, which caused a lot of positive buzz at Horror Channel’s Frightfest earlier in the year.

Luke’s parents are away for the night so they hire Ashley as a babysitter for the night, but the pair get more than they bargain for as someone targets the house for some seasonal scares.

To say too much about Better Watch Out would be spoiling it, but safe to say after things take a twist around the half hour mark we are effectively given a very unique and original horror film.

At the heart of this is a stunning performance from Levi Miller as Luke, the teenager who only has one goal for the night – to seduce Ashley.

Olivia DeJonge also shines as Ashley who proves resourceful in the face of danger and is certainly one of the better female horror leads of recent years.

There are winks to classics such as Home Alone and even more recently You’re Next to an extent but Better Watch Out is very much its own beast which in such a competitive market is an achievement in itself.


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