It Stains the Sands Red review

it stains the sands red

Since the explosive success of The Walking Dead in 2010, zombie films and TV shows have become the norm, but at the same time much like the show’s last season the content has become slightly diluted.

Along stumbles Colin Minihan’s It Stains the Sands Red which takes the sub genre and makes it intimate again.

Telling the tale Molly, a quite initially unlikeable character on first appearances who becomes stranded in the Nevada desert with a zombie hot on her tail.

‘It Stains….’ is actually as funny as it is gross out gory, with some genuine comedy to bring the tension down a notch when at times it can become quite intense.

The makers know that this can’t be a straight up chase movie as with zombies being quite one note, this would become boring fast.

It can almost be described as the first zombie road movie, as Molly and ‘Smalls’ as he is coined come to rely on each other in search of her salvation.

The finale shifts things in a more generic territory, but this doesn’t retract from a superb entry into the genre, and one of more original films of the year so far.

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