Dear Mr Gacy review

Dear Mr Gacy

With the superb Mindhunter recently hitting our screens, Svetozar Ristovski’s re-telling of high schooler Jason Moss’ encounter with serial killer John Wayne Gacy very topical.

This is not a film to be enjoyed, but the story is utterly engrossing as Moss after enticing Gacy to communicate from his prison cell, gets embroiled in something far darker than he could have imagined.

Vanquishing the memory of his turn in Rob Zombie’s Halloween, William Forsythe takes on the role of Gacy with a twisted verve which only makes him more terrifying.

It’s quite a rarity for a serial killer to continue to be a threat behind bars, but this is what Gacy becomes as he attempts to seduce Moss into his dark world.

Moss is of course using Gacy for a good grade on his term paper, but plays a dangerous game which escalates from being a fake rent boy to get his attention to Gacy’s lewd fantasies of incest between Moss and his older brother.

Dear Mr Gacy doesn’t shy away from the hard hitting moments, which can be seen as its strength as the darkness of the subject matter isn’t sugar coated.

Anyone who knows Moss’ story is aware that after Gacy’s execution he took his own life many years, with the hint here that he simply couldn’t unplug the dark thoughts that the serial killer had fed him in their encounters.

An essential watch for true crime fans.


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