Halloween Reflections – Episode 1 review

Halloween reflections

It’s appropriate to have some new Michael Myers for Halloween, which comes in the shape of new web series Halloween Reflections.

Although very much a scene setter, this fan made series quickly establishes its mythology and takes the story in a brand new direction.

The reality this story is based in is that the Halloween films are real and the rest of our slasher favourites are pure fiction.

As a group of friends starts discussing the urban legend of Michael Myers and his origins, did they just awaken him from his slumber just time for Halloween?

The twists in the story will divide fans somewhat, but in giving Myers a fresh origin story this emboldens the work.

Michael himself is very much based on the original shape, with a decent job made of the mask and also his mannerisms.

The story itself is also up in the air as fans need to vote on the fates of certain characters and the next chapter will go from there.

Halloween Reflections is the perfect antidote for your Halloween as we await Michael’s big screen return next year.

Watch the first episode of Halloween Reflections below –

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