Ghostwatch – 25th Anniversary screening review


As an 8 year old child I sneaked my TV on after bedtime on Halloween 1992 and witnessed Ghostwatch.

The documentary hosted by Michael Parkinson was considered genuine as a families house is taken over by a poltergeist on Halloween night.

As you can imagine for the time it was released, there were many who considered this to be real and many just like me wanted to go to bed with the lights once the credits rolled.

But how does it hold up all these years later?

Well now knowing more about the behind the scenes making of Ghostwatch makes it a very intriguing if not remotely scary watch.

It’s more funny these days but you can look back on it with your nostalgia coated glasses and enjoy the commentary from site host Craig Charles, who provided lighthearted relief for the dark story that was taking place.

Despite time diluting its scares, the opening scene remains as chilling as ever.

Lest we forget that without Ghostwatch, there wouldn’t be films such as Paranormal Activity as the Director has sighted the documentary as an influence for his film.

The cast Q&A afterwards was fascinating as they shared anecdotes from working with Parkinson, the BBC to the full blown series that never was.

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