Support horror fantasy Pink Rabbit

Independent horror Pink Rabbit is set for release on 13 September through Gravitas Ventures.

The protagonist Martha’s daily trip from work to home and her young son becomes a nightmare as a figure dressed like a Pink Rabbit crosses her path.

The Pink Rabbit, played by professional wrestler Roland Ionas Bialke forces her into three bloody quests, through three different time periods. Can Martha win these challenges and keep her promise to put her son to bed?

“Pink Rabbit” is a violent ride through time and space in which Martha is not just competing against vicious rivals, but is also confronted with her inner fears and insecurities as a mother.

Pink Rabbit is a bold and powerful feminist fantasy horror film featuring a female lead. The movie was shot by a two-person crew on a very low self-financed micro-budget. Nevertheless, it has been possible to secure a distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures, including a minimum guarantee covering our entire production budget in one territory!

Watch the Pink Rabbit trailer below –

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