Pennywise: The Story of IT review

While it has been five years in the making, sometimes top-notch media is worth waiting for, and Pennywise: The Story of IT was certainly worth the wait.

Chronicling the iconic 1990 mini-series from inception to release, co-directors Christopher Griffiths and John Campopiano have put together a near-complete lineup of people involved (who are still with us), including director Tommy Lee Wallace and Tim Curry.

They look at the history behind people’s fear of clowns, dissect how at one point George A. Romero was involved in the project and really delve into the phenomenon it has become over the past 32 years.

We also get plenty of behind-the-scenes pictures and videos plus the anatomy of many of the classic scenes such as George’s death, the confrontation in the sewers plus Pennywise bursting the storybook.

They aren’t shy about discussing its shortcomings and go into heavy detail on the construction of the spider ‘final mode’ of Pennywise and the opinions on it that have dogged the mini series ever since its release.

Stephen King will lap this up but it is highly recommended for any cinephile who wants to delve deeper into horror history. At a shade over 2 hours, I could have easily devoured another hour or so of footage.

Highly recommended.

Pennywise: The Story of IT is available to stream now on Screambox.

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