Liam Regan discusses Eating Miss Campbell ahead of Frightfest premiere

Eating Miss Campbell feels like one of the most bonkers films set to screen at this month’s Arrow Video Frightfest.

We caught up with writer/director Liam Regan to tell us all about the film –

Tell us the concept of Eating Miss Campbell?

Eating Miss Campbell follows suicidal vegan goth high school student Beth Conner, who soon develops a taste for human flesh. Whilst being stuck in a horror movie and unable to commit suicide, her high school is about to launch an All You Can Eat Massacre, where the winner is awarded a loaded handgun and the option to either shoot up their school or to shoot themselves, so you could argue that the movie is ultimately about pro choice!

You have some well-known faces from indie horror, how did you put the cast together?

Well the first cast member I had in my twisted mind was Beth Conner played by Lyndsey Craine from Book of Monsters (2018) and then everything else fell into place. James Hamer-Morton from my first movie My Bloody Banjo (2015) came on board as Mark Conner and then Charlie Bond as Frankie Sullivan. And then by the second draft I decided to make Eating Miss Campbell a Banjo sequel brining back characters from the Banjoverse. I’m just a Wish version of Kevin Smith.

How was the recent crowdfunding campaign?

Eating Miss Campbell needed post-production funds due to spending the allocated budget we initially had for post-production on the additional photography. Due to the pandemic, we had to delay production for 18 months.

Raw was another film that dealt with a teenager developing a taste for human flesh, I take it Eating Miss Campbell will be more lighthearted?

As lighthearted as a movie about school massacres and teenage suicide can be, it’s certainly a pro-choice movie in that respect.

I get the feeling this is quite a gory affair, is that right?

Gory!? Heck no! This is the first PG-13-rated movie about cannibalism, suicide and school massacres. In fact, you will probably be able to pick up Eating Miss Campbell in the DVD bargain bin in Walmart, along with a trench coat and an AR-15! All the essential purposes when you’re a teenager growing up in America!

This is the first film you’ve directed in a number of years, how did it feel to be back in the director’s chair?

Hollywood may give the illusion that everyone sits down on a film set, and that may be for fragile cast members, but the crew, including yours truly stand up for on average 16-hour days. It’s been around 7 years since My Bloody Banjo, BFI released a statistic a few years ago that only 3% of British filmmakers have the opportunity to make a second feature film. I didn’t want to be another statistic.

What is the plan for release beyond festival screenings?

I’m starting my own independent distribution label here in the UK and our first three releases will be My Bloody Banjo: Director’s Cut released on blu-ray and DVD later this year, following that, in 2023, we’re releasing I Need You Dead! A bonkers indie movie made by the talented Rocko Zevenbergen from NYC, and then after Eating Miss Campbell has played the festival circuit for a year, I’ll be releasing the movie domestically in the UK whilst Troma Entertainment release Eating Miss Campbell in North America.

What was your reaction to be screening at Arrow Video Frightfest?

Another dream come true! My Bloody Banjo had its world premiere back in 2015 and now the prodigal son returns with Eating Miss Campbell. My favourite movie Tromeo & Juliet (1996) had its UK premiere at The Prince Charles Cinema in 96, so it’s an absolute dream to be screening in the same cinema.

Eating Miss Campbell screens at Arrow Video Frightfest 2022.

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