Nightmare Fuel by Nina Nesseth review

Have you ever wondered why we are all drawn to scary movies?

In this chronicle, author Nina Nesseth goes into fascinating detail by matching the scares and films we love to science.

Why does our brain respond to jump scares? Why do certain body horror segments turn us off more than others?

Nesseth breaks this down with an in-depth look at the history of the genre and links to how society has changed as horror and cinema have evolved.

You may think that putting scientific evidence to your favourite horror films could suck the fun out of it, but you will become quickly drawn into this engrossing study.

Nesseth also talks to directors, film editors, composers, and horror academics about different subjects to get their takes on different facets of the genre.

I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in 3 days. Superb.

Nightmare Fuel by Nina Nesseth is released on 26 July 2022 by Macmillan-Tom Doherty Associates, Tor Nightfire.

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