Director Lukas Rinker talks Holy Sh*t ahead of Frightfest 2022

Holy Sh*t could be the horror-comedy hit of Arrow Video Frightfest next month.
We caught up with director Lukas Rinker to talk all about this gross-out feature.

Tell us about the writing process for Holy Shit!?

Since Holy Shit! would be the directional debut I wanted it to be perfect, naturally.
So I did everything by the book. Blake Snyders Save-The-Cat-Method was a tremendous help
for structure there, for a newbie writer like me. When I knew I had a functioning plot, the twists in
the right places etc I tried to come up with surprises, scares, thrills and funny moments for each of
the 90 script pages until my brain went dry and the entertainment value was maximized.

Would you call this a survivalist horror of sorts?

Absolutely. Though the genre was kinda hard to pinpoint in the end. Since I put elements in there
that I myself love to see in genre movies, it has a little bit of everything. But for the protagonist to
survive his horrifying porta-loo-ordeal is the main attraction of the movie and so calling it survival-horror is fine by me.

How did your cast react to filming some of the sequences?

Thomas, our lead actor, wasn’t really a big fan of genre or horror in general when we first talked about the project. He told me that whenever he spotted a rubber limb or cheap make-up effects, that would make him tune out of most of those movies. This could have posed a major problem since he was about to wear a prosthetic for 23 days of shooting Holy Shit! and we would do some very gruesome and graphic stuff.
Fortunately for us, he quickly became acclimated to the team and trusted us to do it right.
In the end, he enjoys watching the finished movie very much and would never switch it off.

I take it given it is set in a porta-loo this is aimed at grossing people out?

Apart from that and the challenge to shoot such a tiny one-location movie, there was always also the
idea of how to get a movie made at all. Holy Shit! was always supposed to be a super-small movie and cheap as can be so that it could somehow be financed. Luckily the guys from Neopol Film and HessenFilm Funding saw more than the gross-out potential in it and were courageously enough to make it happen.

I get the feeling this script was fun to write, is that correct?

I was having a blast. Sitting in my little dark writing room (which was not a porta-loo!), coming up with fun stuff, it was awesome. Though at that time I didn’t know whether I was ever going to do that movie. Still, I think working like this is what I would love to do more and I can only encourage people to try it out. Chipping away on the pages every day for a month or so and then having the completed script printed is a very satisfying feeling.

Did you look at films such as Ghoulies II for inspiration?

Not Ghoulies in particular but more or less everything I have ever watched is somewhere in there.
I love the movies from the 80s & 90s and I believe a lot of references and inspirations can either be
found in the script or made their way into the making of Holy Shit! Not only the director of photography Knut Adass and I but there were a lot of film aficionados involved in the shooting as well and I think they made their mark.

How excited are you to be screening at Arrow Video Frightfest?

Very. From what I learned Frightfest is one of the go-to-places for great genre cinema in Europe and so
I am even more grateful for being invited there. Can’t wait to show Holy Shit! to the UK audience and I am very excited to see if the humour works over there as well.

What is the plan in terms of release, are you going the festival route or looking at streaming for a wider release?

Both. Right now the production and I are proud and happy the movie gets invited to all these awesome
festivals and can already find parts of its target audience there but for the near future, I hope for a little wider release via german theatres and/or streaming platforms so that we can reach our viewer potential and even more people get to experience Holy Shit!

Holy Shit screens at Arrow Video Frightfest 2022.

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