Red Sonja 4K Blu Ray review

Despite its uneven plot and its central performer being usurped by one Arnold Schwarzenegger, Red Sonja has become a cult favourite since its release in 1985.

Brigitte Nielsen (ROCKY IV, BEVERLY HILLS COP II) stars as the iconic, flame-haired heroine who sets out to avenge the death of her family after being granted extraordinary powers by a mysterious vision. On her way to find the tyrannical Queen Gedren, played by Sandahl Bergman (CONAN THE BARBARIAN), she meets Kalidor, Arnold Schwarzenegger(THE TERMINATOR, TOTAL RECALL), a powerful stranger from whom she refuses to accept help. The film features a score from the renowned, Academy Award-Winning® Ennio Morricone (THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, THE UNTOUCHABLES).

Originally envisioned as a vehicle for the burgeoning Brigitte Nielsen, this fantasy tale was meant to be the next Conan but it ended up being a commercial flop.

Nearly 40 years later, Studio Canal has put together a fantastic 4K release which has some excellent features including a short documentary on Schwarzenegger and how he changed the film industry,

Assistant Director Michel Ferry also fronts a documentary addressing the tone of the film and its original concept.

While these features are serviceable the real highlight here is a fantastic documentary The Last Painter, which details the work of the legendary Renato Cesaro, who provided artwork for Red Sonja plus hundreds of other classic films.

The film is a guilty pleasure for some, but the extras here plus a fantastic restoration will no doubt make this a must-purchase in cult movie circles.

Red Sonja in 4K is available now from Studio Canal UK.

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