Is Halloween Ends borrowing a dropped plot from H20?

We now have the first trailer for Halloween Ends, set for release on 14 October, and a synopsis which hints at a previous entry in the franchise – Halloween H20.

The synopsis for Halloween Ends reads –

“Four years after the events of last year’s Halloween Kills, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) and is finishing writing her memoir. Michael Myers hasn’t been seen since.

“Laurie, after allowing the spectre of Michael to determine and drive her reality for decades, has decided to liberate herself from fear and rage and embrace life. But when a young man, Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it ignites a cascade of violence and terror that will force Laurie to finally confront the evil she can’t control, once and for all.”

The part that sparked interest here is the plot thread around Corey Cunningham; could he be a copycat killer who brings Michael out of hiding? From the trailer it looks like Myers has been sleeping rough in the sewers of Haddonfield, so he must smell delightful.

The link to Halloween H20 is the fact one of the film’s original incarnations had Adam Hann Byrd‘s Charlie be the main killer of the film before The Shape returns at the close of the film. Could we see something similar in Halloween Ends?

It’s a balancing act, but if Green pulls off this ‘anyone can be under the mask’ motif, it certainly opens up the possibilities for future Halloween series’ beyond his trilogy.

There were a couple of shots in the trailer that got me thinking it wasn’t The Shape behind the mask and could potentially be Corey. I guess we will find out on 14 October.

Watch the trailer for Halloween Ends below –

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  1. I am all here for the Corey angle. As a huge Halloween (78) and Michael Myers fan, I am ready for Myers and Laurie to end and new blood take their place. Plus, it makes more sense, as the ‘evil” has always been in the mask.


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