New limited cult horror rereleases on VHS from Frolic Pictures

Frolic Pictures has teamed up with MouthKiss Video to bring you… Frolic Video Selects… The rarest, most highly-sought after horror video gems from the 70s, 80s and today.

Restored from the best sources found, these VHS beauties are a work of fine trash art on a bonus level few will find.

This new limited run features some of the strangest, hottest and otherworldly tales from the dismal corners of greatly unknown minds, and is ripe for re-discovery.

VHS…Mmmm, the best thing invented since the twice-baked potato. Just saying those three initials conjures up splendidly devious childhood memories. They’re the ultimate clunky enemies of the modern HD world and these can only be found occasionally, once in a very bloody blue moon. 

Each tape will bear its own special limited edition number from a small batch lot of fifty. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, making this a truly unique collector’s item for the avid horror, cult, exploitation and obscure cinema enthusiast.

The Grindhouse Horror Collection includes these 9 out of print throwback favorites: The House by the Cemetery (1981), Nightmare (1981), Blood Tracks (1985), Demonwarp (1988), Christmas Evil (1980), Blood Rage AKA Slasher (1987), Drive in Massacre (1976), Rattlers (1976), and Sole Survivor (1984). 

The Jared Masters Collection includes:  Quartz Vein (2021), Slink (2013), Teachers’ Day (2014), , Ballet of Blood (2015), Agalmatophilia (2018), Deadly Punkettes Uncut (2014), Club Lingerie (2014), 8 Reels of Sewage (2012), Hollywood A GoGo (2012) and the newly released summer favorite… Roller Junkies! (2022). 

Each one will be hand-signed in silver ink by the director. The team working in the Frolic Video Hut have dedicated countless hours and take great pride in bringing you the best of the best in horror video nasties. So discover the strange, dark and sexy world of Jared Masters and his favorite movies on his preferred format… VHS! 

Look for them on eBay or Venmo $25 per unit to @frolicpictures (and don’t forget to mention what title you’d like and your address for free shipping!)

Get one of these fifty limited edition VHS re-issues before they’re gone!

Good Luck! And check these links for more B-movie bliss:




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