Hooked by A.C Wise review

One of the most enjoyable tropes within the fantasy and horror novel genres recently is the reinterpretation and sequelising of classic tales.

While this may not scream originality on the surface, when done right it makes for a captivating read.

And so we come to A.C Wise’s Hooked, a sequel of sorts to Peter Pan but focusing on, you guessed it, our Captain James Hook.

Here we find Hook in the real world many years after the event of Pan, a worn down and broken man, his life is thrown into flux when an old enemy resurfaces in this world but can only be defeated in Neverland.

Hooked carries the DNA of Peter Pan but gives it a very dark twist and paints Hook very much as a sympathetic character and adds some interesting narrative choices which only add flavour to the character.

It would have been so easy to focus on Peter for a sequel, but here its all about Hook and a grown-up Wendy, who is also thrown into this bizarre scenario by what seems like fate.

Wise clearly knows the world, and writes confidently, making this have a vibrancy and really lifts the words off the page.

I must admit to mildly dismissing this title on first glance but once I got to reading it I was won over almost instantly and tore through it in no time.

A strong recommendation.

Hooked by A.C Wise is released on 12 July 2022 from Titan Books.

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