Indie horror Wait Til Dawn will attack the body and mind

Six friends. An emergency alert. One night of hell as an unknown enemy shreds their minds and bodies; Wait Til Dawn is now crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

On the night of a once in a millennia event, the convergence of a planetary alignment and a lunar eclipse, 6 friends gather together to have a viewing party to celebrate.

As the eclipse nears its peak, the group prepares to head to the roof only to be stopped in their tracks when they all receive an emergency alert telling them not to look at the moon. A glance out the window at the streets below sees everyone outside all staring straight up, seemingly transfixed.

As the night continues, the friends’ minds and bodies are tattered and beaten by a powerful, enigmatic force.

As they scramble to figure out what is happening they begin to come face to face with the realization that they only know one thing for sure, don’t look at the moon.

“Evil Dead (2013) meets Night Of The Living Dead (1968) but cosmic horror” was the thought that put the idea in the writer, Killian Lock’s, head.

To find out how you can support Wait Til Dawn please visit their Indie GoGo page.

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