Horror thriller Dead Head Wood now crowdfunding

Brand new independent horror thriller Dead Head Wood has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indie GoGo.

When a troubled writer returns to her rural childhood home to confront a growing terror that she buried her best friend alive as a child, she unleashes a series of events that send her daughter down a similar path.

Drawn into an exciting new friendship with a local tear-away, her daughter gets deeper & deeper into risk-taking and soon finds herself on a mission to rescue her best friend from the terrifying Dead Head Wood, as a dark history begins to repeat itself.

Dead Head Wood” is a film that conjures up 1970s classics like “Don’t Look Now” as well as modern Psychological Thriller/Horrors  like “Hereditary”. It’s steeped in the childhood nostalgia of the 1970s and 80s evoking “Stranger Things” & “Stand by Me”, but served up with an eeriness all of its own.

To find out all the perks of the crowdfunding campaign and support Dead Head Wood, visit their Indie GoGo page.

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