German psychological horror-thriller Stutter starts Indie GoGo campaign

The feature film Stutter is a dark psychological thriller about guilt, trauma and desire and is now crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

Following the tragic death of his wife, Jon struggles with feelings of guilt when he starts an affair with the enigmatic Red. 

As he comes closer and closer to Red in a psychologically probing and mutually abusive relationship, Jon begins to question what exactly happened the night his wife killed herself.

With the Stutter, a haunting echo seemingly everywhere around him blurring the lines between reality, perception, and trauma, Jon is caught in an ever-expanding tumour of mysteries – with Red in its centre. 

Filmmaker Sebastian Matthias Weißbach commented:

“We are an experienced team of film professionals from Berlin (Germany), who have all been working in the film industry for years – we are also close friends. Together we have been making numerous short films, but with Stutter  we are producing our first ever feature film. And for that we are going to need your help.

Making a feature film brings unique logistical challenges, especially on a no budget scale. Trying to bring our ambitious vision to life, means that we will have to find the perfect shooting locations, book spaces, and hold our team together.

We need your support for precisely these logistics, in order to make Stutter look as compelling and pristine as possible.”

Find out all the ways you can support Stutter on their Indie GoGo page.

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