Mountain Lodge review

We see many different candle scents these days from prosecco to all kinds of seasonal efforts such as gingerbread and pumpkin spice. The question is, has there ever been a human scented one?

In Jordan Wong’s Mountain Lodge, the filmmaker, through the guise of a search engine, tries to point potential shoppers towards the bargain bin area of men-scented candles in the local Yankee Candle store.

Whether this section exists is open to debate, but would it surprise us really?

While this is quite a frantic watch, it is certainly innovative and entertaining filmmaking, like some sort of social media-induced fever dream.

It will make you smile and certainly marvel at its craft. Whether it will have you craving a Mountain Lodge candle anytime soon is open to debate.

Mountain Lodge screened as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival: Pride Edition 2022.

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