Gay Teen Werewolf review

Imagine a world where werewolves and LGBT+ people were protected under the same banner.

This is part of the scenario of the satirical and heartfelt Gay Teen Werewolf which sees a teenager dealing with her sexuality alongside possible lycanthropy.

Set in a high school, we find even the LGBTWW community has factions, including the more heightened ‘bitches’ to who lour lead titular character is drawn.

The laughs land and if you are a fan of camp movies, this will certainly please.

Surprisingly, Gay Teen Werewolf is quite heartfelt and really paints the picture of a person struggling with their body and their feelings changing as they become an adult, whether that be an adult werewolf or just queer person.

A thoroughly enjoyable short packed with razor-sharp wit.

Gay Teen Werewolf had its UK premiere at the Soho Horror Film Festival: Pride Edition.

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