Support Phantom Fun-World on Indie GoGo

The stabbiest place on earth Phantom Fun-World needs your support to complete its production.

For Years the history of “Phantom Fun-World” Amusement Park was a tainted and tragic story. Once on track to become one of the hottest attraction chains in the country, a series of horrific events closed the original park down in the 90’s.

Now, Struggling to support her teen brother Cole (Jace Carson), Andi Campbell (Celeste Blandon) takes a job at the soon re-opening indoor fun park. 

But the park’s jaded and horrific past violently returns in the form of The Phantom (L.C. Holt), hell bent on keeping Phantom Fun-World closed for good.

Find all the ways you can support Phantom Fun-World on Indie GoGo.

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