Amazon releases conspiracy thriller Silent Cry

Julian Richards acclaimed conspiracy thriller SILENT CRY is now available in USA, Canada, UK and Ireland from Amazon.

Emily Woof (The Full Monty), Douglas Henshall (Shetland), Kevin Whately (The English Patient), Clive Russell (Game of Thrones), Craig Kelly (Titanic) and Steve Sweeney (Lock Stock and Two Smokin Barrells) star in this nail-biting suspense story about a mothers search for her stolen newborn baby which leads her on a desperate journey through a seedy underworld and a confrontation with a corrupt cop.

SILENT CRY received its World premiere at Worldfest Houston where it won the Gold Remi Award for Best Suspense/Thriller. Emily Woof also won Best Actress at the Love Is Folly Film Festival in Vajna, Bulgaria.

Julian Richards inspiration for SILENT CRY came from American conspiracy thrillers of the 70’s including Parallax View, Marathon Man and Three Days of the Condor. He also acknowledges a debt to Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo) and Michael Chrichton (Coma).

A veteran genre film director, Richards recent films include DADDY’S GIRL starring Costas Mandylor, REBORN starring Barbara Crampton, and DEATHCEMBER (a horror anthology with episodes by Ruggero Deodata and Lucky McKee). His earlier films include DARKLANDS starring Craig Fairbrass, THE LAST HORROR MOVIE, SUMMER SCARS and SHIVER starring Danielle Harris and John Jarratt.
The soundtrack for SILENT CRY was composed by David Murphy (28 Days Later) and includes music from The Cranberries, Morcheeba, The Chemical Brothers and Tricky.

SILENT CRY is exclusively available to rent or download from Amazon USA and Amazon UK

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