5 Memorable Non-Elm Street Robert Englund roles

Many Elm Street fans have been waiting with bated breath for the return of Robert Englund to the genre, with his appearance in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

While Englund is renowned for his role as Freddy, there have been a number of other memorable appearances in other genre features. Here are five of Englund’s best performances away from Elm Street.

Phantom of the Opera (1989)

Playing the titular character in Dwight Little’s reboot of the classic tale, Englund gets to play a more nuanced character throughout before the film descends into entertaining Krueger-esque chaos in the finale. Outside of Elm Street, this is certainly an Englund performance worth seeking out.

Given this is at the height of his Krueger fame, it seemed a no-brainer that Englund would once again wear prosthetics and the work here by KNB FX, which included future Wishmaster director Robert Kurtzman.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Lesley Vernon (2006)

Effectively playing a Doctor Loomis knock-off, Robert is allowed to camp it up as Doc Halloran, the nemesis of serial killer in the making, Leslie Vernon. Englund knows full well what kind of film he is in, and revels in it.

2001 Maniacs (2005)

While the themes of 2001 Maniacs may not have aged well, the over the top and unhinged performance of Robert Englund certainly does. Playing Mayor Buckman, Englund is clearly having the time of his life in this bonkers and gory loose reboot of the Herschel Gordon Lewis classic.

Urban Legend (1998)

Robert got in on the slasher revival of the late 90s in Jamie Blanks’ Urban Legend, playing college Professor Wexler. This is more of a refrained performance from Englund, who is occasionally pitched as a red herring for the murders by the parka clad killer, although ultimately he also ends up on the chopping block.

Wishmaster (1997)

Post-Scream everything that had Wes Craven’s name on it, certainly got extra attention from horror fans; including Wishmaster. While Andrew Divoff steals the show, he is joined by a stellar genre supporting cast including Robert plus Angus Scrimm, Ted Raimi, Kane Hodder and Tony Todd. Englund plays wealthy collector Raymond Beaumont who meets a gruesome demise and the hands of the Djinn after wishing to throw a party for the ages.

Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Bill Garley The Mangler Marquis De Sade Night Terrors Jackson Roth Strangelands Eli Giles The Black Swarm Blackey Nightmare Cafe to name a few more


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