All About Evil review

I first heard about the forgotten slasher All About Evil on the Peaches Christ co-hosted podcast Midnight Mass, as Peaches aka Joshua Grannell directed it!

After years in the shadows, the film has been rediscovered and given a fantastic blu ray loaded with special features.

Grannell has spoken avidly about being inspired by John Waters, and All About Evil has Waters’ fingerprints all over it.

The film it outlandishly gory, camp and most of all a fun time.

We follow Deborah, the timid daughter of a theatre owner who snaps after her mother threatens to close down the theatre following Deborah’s father’s death.

From here things just go to 11 and pretty much stay there. What impressed a lot about All About Evil was how it revelled in its B movie quality, taking winks and nudges from Demons, Popcorn and even arguably in one sequence, Tim Burton’s Batman.

Backing Natasha Lyonne up, we have a great supporting cast led by Thomas Dekker, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira herself!) and of course, Peaches Christ had to make an appearance.

If you haven’t had a chance to see All About Evil yet, I strongly recommend checking out this blu ray from Severin Films or catching it when it hits Shudder in June.

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