Indie horror Frenzy Moon launches crowdfunder

Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson has launched an Indie GoGo campaign for the werewolf feature Frenzy Moon.

Six college students and one mysterious stranger battle a pack of ferocious werewolves in a secluded cabin. 

THE FRENZY MOON is a  spinoff of  Gregory Lamberson’s critically acclaimed werewolf novels The Frenzy Way, The Frenzy War and The Frenzy Wolves, with its own characters and continuity.

It’s a cabin in the woods/siege horror movie that will feature a diverse young cast, strong characters, and practical special effects for its monsters. 

Gregory Lamberson is an author and filmmaker who specializes in horror entertainment. At age 21, he directed the midnight movie cult classic Slime City, which he also wrote.  He has directed nine features total, among them Killer Rack, Johnny Gruesome, and Widow’s Point starring Craig Sheffer.

Last year he crowdfunded the action movie Guns of Eden, which has been delivered to a distributor for release this year. He is the award-winning author of 15 books, including the “The Frenzy Cycle” werewolf trilogy.

Find out how you can support Frenzy Moon on Indie GoGo.

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