Turkish Jaws review

Admittedly expectations were supremely low when I picked up a version of Turkish Jaws on the same stall selling Brazilian Star Wars, Turkish ET and Turkish Star Wars at a horror convention.

The description alone enticed me to watch it the same night, and despite its misleading title, Turkish Jaws aka Col, it was an entertaining mess.

It has a relentless cocaine intensity, which at times makes it hard to follow. I am also assuming from the shameless copyright infringement that the laws in Turkey are slightly different.

There are multiple occasions where Eye of the Tiger, music from Jaws and Jaws 2 plus Whole Lotta Love from Led Zeppelin is used to glaze over scenes.

We follow the journey of Kemel, who appears to be a one wrecking crew on a mission to take down gangs in his town. The women of the town, who spend a considerable amount of time sunbathing and becoming infatuated with Kemel from afar, almost like he has an unspoken magnetism.

When it comes to actual sharks in the film, it is left to Kemel to defeat a paper mache shark model despite being tied up and floating in the sea. It really does make the shark used in The Last Shark look like Bruce in Jaws.

There is a lot of sped up kung fu action which is as funny as it is frantic.

If you’re not too misled by the title Turkish Jaws is a lot of low rent fun, best enjoyed after a couple of drinks.

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