Bull Shark review

Low budget shark films are plenty in supply right now.

Tubi serves up a host of them; with Bull Shark being its latest output.

Anyone who sees the first few minutes of Bull Shark will know exactly what its in for. A shark that is suspected of being dead is thrown in a lake, only to regain life and go on a killing spree.

While it is good to step away from the lazy Great White Shark motif used, well, since Jaws; Bull Shark is shoddily done and hard to get behind.

The CGI is truly woeful with the attack scenes lacking any sort of tension, with what I suspect is a person under the water waving a fin around the surface as the shark prepares its latest snack.

The most interesting part of Bull Shark is the Park Ranger, a drunk who isn’t trusted amongst the townsfolk, who ends up being tasked, by default, to deal with the shark problem.

Some of the narrative strands from Jaws are lazily recycled but feel shoehorned in.

I think I will wait for the sequel to The Reef before ever considering watching Bull Shark again.

Bull Shark is available to watch now on Tubi.

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