What does Hayden Panettiere’s return mean for Scream 6?

In somewhat surprising news over night, Hayden Panetierre has been announced as the latest returning cast member for the sixth Scream film, which is set to start filming soon.

Panetierre’s Kirby became a firm favourite after her appearance in Scream 4, with her assumed death never confirmed 100% from that film.

The makers of Scream 2022 also teased Kirby’s fate, with a blink and you will miss it easter egg, showing a theory video on YouTube asking whether she was still alive.

The question is; what does her return mean for the series?

Will Kirby become a new veteran final girl to complement Sam and another film buff in Mindy Meeks-Martin, who have both been confirmed alongside Tara and Chad.

Interestingly, Neve Campbell hasn’t been confirmed yet, so, will the series pivot towards Kirby as our new final girl in Woodsboro?

Also, where has Kirby been? Did she go into hiding after the events of Scream 4? Did she move away from Woodsboro?

And most important of all; will she simply be used as a well-known opening kill? Given the fan service the character has accrued over the past decade, surely this would be a cheap move. Yes, Halloween Kills, were looking at you.

What do you think about Kirby’s return to the Scream franchise? Let us know in the comments.

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