Indie mockumentary That’s the Spirit starts crowdfunder

Indie horror mockumentary That’s The Spirit has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indie GoGo.

That’s the Spirit! features award-winning American ghost hunter Billy Joe Powers, who has run out of ghosts to hunt in the USA so has come to the UK to hunt the oldest ghosts in the world.

Can ghosts even age? Let’s find that and many more ghostly things out as we delve deep into the paranormal world of ‘That’s The Spirit!’

Billy Joe Powers was a keyboard player in the early 2000’s band ‘Hoobastank’, which had their biggest hit in 2004 with ‘The Reason’ which reached number 1. After a life-changing experience with a ghost whilst on tour with the band, BJ Powers decided to turn his back on music and dedicate the rest of his life to discovering the truth to everything there is.

After 8 successful seasons of ‘That’s the Spirit!’ in the US it’s finally time for Billy Joe and his team of ghost hunting experts to bring their talents to the UK. Using copyrighted ghost hunting techniques, devised by BJ himself and never before seen in the UK, the crew will be poking around the UK with the quest to find the most haunted places the most haunted country in the world has to offer. Starting with the seaside city of Portsmouth.

So, join BJ and his supernaturally obsessed film crew of fearless ghost chasers as we take a sneak peak into the paranormal world of ‘THAT’S THE SPIRIT!’

Find out all the perks and how you can support That’s The Spirit on Indie GoGo.

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