The Zero Boys – the forgotten 80s slasher?

For slasher fans, it is the constant holy grail to find a great film that is barely talked about.

I feel this is the case for 1986’s The Zero Boys, which comes a few years after the golden age of the slasher.

Instead of a typical group of teens in peril, we get a mix here as a group are split between amateur survivalists and their female counterparts.

After their car breaks down they decide (unwisely) to basically break into a nearby home and wait until morning and as you may have guessed they start to become hunted by some unseen killers.

They can’t really have too many complaints on this count, given the whole breaking and entering charge that could linger over them if the authorities ever got involved.

Director Nico Mastorakis adds a real touch of style to what can be considered lowbrow slasher fodder. There are some truly fantastic shots of the hunters in silhouette, with the tease of attacks often used to divert our attention.

Genre fans will also recognise Night of the Comet and Chopping Mall star Kelli Maroney. The soundtrack is also produced in parts by Hans Zimmer alongside Stanley Myers.

The negative from a slasher point of view is the low body count, but this is certainly off-set with a couple of truly creative kills that I won’t spoil.

A slick slasher from the late 80s that is well worth discovering or revisiting.

The Zero Boys is now available on Arrow.

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