Horror is an escape in My Life Is Being Filmed By A Demon!

Horror is an escape until you’re living in it in the brand new horror short My Life Is Being Filmed By A Demon, now crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

After a babysitting job goes wrong, Mariam finds herself tormented by a demon that turns her life into a horror film. This unravels past traumas and forces her down the strange journey of learning to walk with your demons. 

The film is both a character-driven psychological thriller and a homage to some of the supernatural horror films that we all have come to love. Reeling in from the death of a child who truly looked up to her under her watch, Mariam navigates the conflict between guilt and grief. She finds herself quite literally haunted by her demons and is forced to confront that past. Mariam wants so badly to change what has happened. However, she must come to realize that the past cannot be changed and that her torment is all a part of the process of living with her demon. 

Moreover, this film will feature experimental tonal shifts and set design. From a scene drowned out by sitcom laugh tracks to a Dr. Caligari-esque maze, My Life Is Being Filmed By A Demon! will not only be an emotional character study, but an ambitious, immersive horror experience.

Find out how you can support My Life Is Being Filmed By a Demon on Indie GoGo.

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